About Us


We specialize in live-edfe slabs for all of your mantle, shelf, table, bar, vanity and counter tops. All California wood!

Arrowhead Enterprises is the parent company of AE Wood Products. Arrowhead Enterprises has been in business since 2004, and started operation in 2003. All lumber that enters in and out of AE Wood Products has been cut or removed has never been commercially. Arrowhead Enterprise Inc. source the lumber around California from forest thinning, bark beetle trees, and fire trees. Our Lucas 10" sawmill and dedicated slabber allows us to mobile almost anywhere and salvage logs that otherwise might be cut into firewood or been deemed inaccessible and left to rot. Arrowhead Enterprises, Inc. picked up their new Woodmizer Lt Super 70 wide slab cuts. We have two kilns on site to treat our wood products. We have a plus idry kiln, this kiln uses airflow and vacuum pressure to treat our wood products. The vacuum pressure build up is similar to that of the top of Mt. Everest. The Slabmizer MB200 Slab Flattener efficiently surfaces and flattens wood slabs, boards, burls, cookies, and other wide material with minimal labor. 


Authorized Vendor: Walrus Oil, Starbond, Ecopoxy, and Bessey (909)-939-0999